Artopex’s News Flash!

Did you see the Artopex Info-Fusion e-mail that Artopex sent out this morning? Wow!  We’re off to a great start jumping into 2017 with both feet here!

Take Off Benching – new and improved!

takeoff benching

Take Off benching has been enhanced in response to our clients’ needs in collaboration with the Artopex R&D team.  Two models of shared benching tables facilitate cable management with details to enhance the appearance and function.  The existing shared tables are now known as “closed” shared benching tables.  The new product features an “open” concept with doors to hide cables, outlets and more. Take a look!

New in Artopex Seating – Textiles, Dyna and Downtown

new textiles

We have a new seating fabric collection featuring 92 colors in grades 1, 2 and leather.  The card is currently available in PDF format on the Artopex website.  Once we receive this in-house we will be getting them into your hands!  When utilizing textiles from the “Urbania” card contact our showroom to verify available yardage.

In addition to a new card, we have a fantastic introduction with Momentum Textiles featuring 5 patterns and 144 color choices all in grade 3.


Welcome Dyna! Dyna is the little sister to Lancelot - more compact and at a lower price point, she will fit easily into your designs.  Dyna is available in armchair, love seat and sofa with wood, aluminum or chrome footings.  A tablet option is also available.


Downtown is expanding it’s horizons!  The Downtown series now offers curved benching (both interior and exterior) with or without a backrest.  Additionally, the trapeze modules are now available with a straight end offering more configuration possibilities.

downtown 2

Contact our showroom for questions or to schedule an Artopex Update for your sales and design team.