Artopex + SitOnIt – Space Center

We had a fantastic and unique opportunity to work with Space Center inc., a Twin Cities based industrial real estate management, logistics and oil and gas exploration company, as they celebrated 100 years in business!

Space Center enlisted the help of Pope Architects and Artopex SitOnIt Seating to forge ahead on an amazing adventure resulting in an Essentia installation that was over 90% custom!

space center special3

Gisela and I had the pleasure of being on-sight during installation as over 180 cartons were removed from a truck, lifted to the second story, passed through a window opening, a private office and a glass doorway, and the unboxing began!  It was exciting to say the least!

Below you will see project renderings outlining some of the following requests of Artopex:

  • Removal of the “Pucks” creating the floating top look within the Essentia line for the Private Offices
  • Customize Storage within Workstations and Wardobes to Accomodate Private Office Resident
  • Meet and Exceed Top-of-the-Line Technology Requests in Private Offices and Conference Room
  • Custom Sink Cabinet and Refrigerator Front
  • Custom Building Ventilation
  • Accommodate Granite Counter top

And …. so much more!

space center special1 space center special2  space center special4

Upon completion of this massive construction and installation the resulting space was magnificent.  Features include local art like the magnificent hand sculpted and painted rock wall, sustainable wall paper created only with banana leaves and water, and a living plant display.

As you enjoy the pictures below you’re sure to recognize SitOnIt and Ideon Seating!  Space Center utilized the following products in their offices:

  • Lumin - Stools at the bar and in the kitchen, Multipurpose Surround Various Tables (frost poly, silver frames. multipurpose feature casters)
  • Sona - Leather upholstery and silver accents in the base, pull handle and conference arm complimented the architecture and executive feel
  • Composium – Tablet arms allow users to relax or focus fireside
  • Torsa - The top choice among employees for private office task seating

Space Center Cafe Space Space Center Sitting Area Space Center Board Room1 Space Center Break Room

It was an honor to work with such an organized, fun and genuine team at Space Center!

For more information on custom capabilities with Artopex or to see how SitOnIt Seating can be your solution, contact our showrooom!

Photo Credit: Nate Johnson hired by Pope Architects