Good Orthodontics – Aviera

As part of a network of orthodontic and dental offices that serve customers from Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio, Good Orthodontics is a regional leader in dental care.  When the time came to open new offices, they knew they needed a makeover along with the move.

They were hoping for an upscale look, and with the help of Bob Knox, of Anderson Interiors, a variety of SitOnIt and IDEON products fit the practice’s needs.  He also saw an opportunity to introduce a newer product that was specifically designed  for healthcare settings – Aviera.

Good Orthodontics3

Good Orthodontics recognized Aviera as a perfect fit.  They chose the IDEON product because of its light metal frame, its comfort and look along with the easy ingress and egress that  is important in healthcare. Aviera’s thoughtful design focuses on its ease of use with the customer in mind.

Good Orthodontics4

Good Orthodontics has standardized Aviera (as well as SitOnIt Seating’s OnCall, Focus Side and Amplify) so customers can enjoy the same comfort and quality with their seating no matter which office they visit.

Sales Rep: KMA & Associates

Dealer: Anderson Interiors – PA

Time Frame: March – April 2015

Product: SitOnIt Seating: OnCall, Focus Side, Amplify; IDEON: Aviera


For more information on IDEON’s Aviera, visit their website or contact our showroom for literature or access to sample chairs.

Click here to download a printable version of this project spotlight, presented by SitOnIt & IDEON.