NeoCon 2016 – Artopex

Artopex had many fantastic revelations at their NeoCon 2016 luncheon!  You may be wondering, “Why the delay?” in updating you regarding these revelations.  The answer is easy: They were TOP SECRET!

Panel Fabrics - 

We are pleased to share with you the introduction of 10 new patterns with over 96 color choices as the newest addition to the Artopex Panel Fabrics.  These new additions expand from grades 1-3.  Do you have a favorite? I can’t wait to see Crystaline in action!

New Fabric Card

In addition to this great layout the new textile card features a “Mood Board” to help inspire color combinations.


You can download the new card here.

Contact Hannah in our showroom to request your new textile cards as soon as they are available!

Seating - 

Artopex is pleased to introduce the Crema chair.  This beautiful, wood-framed chair is available in low and medium backs with the option of an upholstered seat.  The chrome base options include 4-leg and 4-leg stool with standard glides or Teflon glides. Finish colors, as show in the photo below are natural maple, black and white.


In addition to the Crema chair, Artopex is eager to expand the Vortex family.  This chair is now available in mesh!

Vortex Mesh

View your options and find more information here.

All New Noki System - 

The new Noki system is innovation and technology all rolled into one.  The sleek, clean design brings a beautiful update to the Noki feature.  If a code is forgotten, you have two options:
1. Record the serial number on the top line of the Noki lock and have an authorized person contact Artopex.  They will give you the “Master Code” to reset your lock.

2.  Master Keys: This option removes the need for the above step and utilizes a master key that, upon insertion into the micro-usb portal, will reset the code to 1-2-3-OK.

Check out this great Noki Introductory Video!

The new Noki design will launch on orders entered as of August 15.  You can elect to use a key or Noki lock – your choice – on Take Off and Metal products.

Rep of the Year -

It is with great honor that Gerry and the Contract Office Marketing team was given the award of Rep of the Year 2015 with Artopex.  We look forward to continued success with a fantastic manufacturer! Thank YOU, Artopex!


Contact our showroom for more information and to update your literature with these exciting new additions!