Welcome, Speech Privacy Systems!

Many of you have already heard the exciting news, however, we wanted to make it official:

Contract Office Marketing is now representing Speech Privacy Systems!

We are thrilled to bring this sound masking system to our line up as it partners beautifully with many of our other manufacturers.

What makes Speech Privacy Systems unique? The VoiceArrest System.  VoiceArrest is a revolutionary intelligent sound masking that adapts to your dynamic environment.  This system simulates the gentle whooshing sound of a high-end HVAC system that covers conversations and other distractions.  Because speakers designed for music are used, the sound is full, yet you cannot pinpoint exactly where it is coming from.  It uniformly blends into the background virtually unnoticed.


Through the use of sensors and a patented algorithm, the background masking is perfectly and automatically balanced in both frequency and volume.  That means no remotes and no adjusting. Cool!

The VoiceArrest Sound Masking System can also easily be upgraded to add paging and/or music to your environment using the same speakers that deploy the sound masking.  Background music can be added from a wide variety of sources.

Contact our showroom for more information.  The quote request process is effortless and we cannot wait to help you meet your sound masking needs!