Tenjam Launches DuraFLEX

We at Contract Office Marketing were thrilled to receive four all new Tenjam samples in our showroom last week!  Those of you that are familiar with Tenjam know many of the fun shapes, colors and designs put forth over the last few years. Guess what? These familiar attributes are only becoming more versatile and fun!

Introducing DuraFlex

DuraFLEX is the most durable, seamless soft seating offered by Tenjam.  It is non-porous and waterproof thanks to the thermoplastic finish that covers the flexible foam core.  This finish completely covers the foam eliminating any seams or hiding places for dirt, bacteria or grime.  It has great stain resistance and can be easily cleaned or disinfected.

DuraFLEX has leg options that are both fixed or locking casters for ease of mobility.

These pieces passed CAL133 Fire Testing and has been awarded the “MAS Certified Green” certificate of compliance for low-emitting materials. The MAS Certified Green program is ISO/TEC 17025 and 17065 compliant and recognized by LEED, CDPH, BIFMA and CHPS. (Good News: FIRM passed, too!)

duraflex family

Available shapes range from the familiar Circ, Circle and Cube and expand to include chairs, puzzle-like pieces and an array of other options.  I can’t wait to see the creativity and application that erupts from this fantastic addition to the Tenjam family! DuraFLEX is suitable for all environments, however, they truly shine in high traffic spaces like schools, libraries, healthcare, museums, retail and more!

If you dig technical information, like me, visit the Tenjam website for specification regarding Duraflex.  This information ranges from material details (ie. DuraFLEX is chemically resistant to body fluids, salt, bleach solution, and more) to performance and warranty or care information (ie. you can use your Formula 409 or basic peroxide to clean  your DuraFLEX pieces).

Contact our showroom to check out our samples or with questions you may have regarding all of Tenjam!