Welcome LOFTwall!

We can’t wait to share LOFTwall with you!  LOFTwall products are designed to help individuals and organizations better utilize space with flexible and functional freestanding divider screens.  The product offering expands from a beautiful blend of function and fashion to design-driven and beautiful, whether you are looking for room division, noise absorption, modesty or architectural interest!

LOFTwall has solutions for commercial, office, education, healthcare and residential spaces.  Take a look at what they have to offer!



FRAMEwall kicked off the LOFTwall lineup as a modern room divider screen system.  It allows you to divide space while maintaining an open flow.  The modular frame design consists of interchangable panels and a recycled aluminum frame.

The frame and design carries through into DESKdivider, Mobi, GLIDE and Sky.  Mobi is a mobile writable magnetic board – so fun!  GLIDE features the FRAMEwall design in a mobile door application while SKY pulls this frame system into the ceiling! Do you have a favorite application from the photos below?



This product is a premium acoustical panel system approaching sound control in a whole new way.  BLOX is modular, allowing placement anywhere desired to maximize performance.  These German wool squares can reduce a wide range of noise up to 85% ..!



Flex is effortlessly flexible: lightweight, colorful, customizable and sound absorbing .. the applications here are endless.  The FLEX design style uses vertically formed, custom fabric panels with a premium soft-touch feel. These surfaces are also tackable for meeting notes, designs and other documents. Another neat fact? The panels are manufactured here in Minnesota!


LOFTwall-weld 3661_edit-M

WEB is a design series of overlapping and connecting elements providing a unique visual appearance. This product was awarded “Best of” for 2014 by Interior Design Magazine!



Wave is a visually dynamic divider screen that adds aesthetic and function to a variety of environments.

Welcome to the Contract Office Marketing line-up, LOFTwall!

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